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A large part of our services involve assisting clients to best leverage their existing assets with appropriately timed and scoped rehabilitation works, staged to minimise operational disruption. In many cases a facility upgrade is required to improve efficiency, cater for new or heavier equipment, larger shipping or a step change in operations. As with all our maritime planning and design projects in working port environments, safety in design and a collaborative involvement by our clients, operations teams and other stakeholders in comprehensive risk assessments is an important part of delivering a successful project.

Rehabilitation services include:

  • Condition assessments
  • Structural assessments
  • Stability assessments
  • Repair works design and documentation

A key measure of success is that rehabilitation works are non-intrusive, cost-effective and are tailored to meet the client’s life extension objectives.

Upgrading services include:

  • Wharf strengthening
  • Structural augmentation
  • Pile replacement
  • Crane rail replacement
  • Crane replacements
  • Bollard and fender system upgrades
  • Seawall revetment upgrading

Upgrade works require careful planning to efficiently derive and deliver an appropriate, lasting and economic solution without undue disruption in the interim.

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