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From initial concept to decommissioning, our services cover planning, feasibility studies, designs and structural assessments, construction phase services, maintenance, rehabilitation and upgrading in a broad range of operations and cargo types in the ports and maritime sector.

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Port Planning

Port Planning is an important part of the economy and geography of any city, commercial hub or community. Meeting growth demands and future proofing are some of the objectives.

At P&M Consultants you will find we have the experience, expertise and track record to cover all aspects of your Port Planning needs whether its commercial or government related.

Rehabilitation & Upgrading

Providing feasibility studies, design and condition inspection services P&M Consultants has vast experience with the rehabilitation and upgrade of aging ports and maritime infrastructure.

This covers all forms of wharves, trestles, berthing and mooring dolphins, retaining walls, seawalls, breakwaters and navigation structures.

Structural Assessment & Design

P&M specialize in structural analysis and design and apply sound structural engineering principles and sophisticated 3D structural analysis software to reliably assess existing landside and waterside structures. We provide comprehensive design services taking into account specific requirements for serviceability, strength, stability, fatigue, durability, maintainability and long term flexibility. This provides our clients with comprehensive structural services for port and maritime structures.

Coastal Protection

The importance of effective, reliable and economic coastal protection solutions can be a key measure of project success, whether this be seawalls, breakwaters, causeways, groynes or wave screens..

At P&M we take into account the complex hydrodynamic processes of winds, waves, currents, tides, surges and long-term sea level changes and their interaction with the proposed development to understand the requirements for strength and stability and impacts on operations, coastal geomorphology, maintenance and the environment.

Project Management

The key to success in any project hinges on good project management and contract administration. This begins with the right contract strategy, realistic timelines, incentives for timeliness, appropriate staging and most importantly, verification and quality assurance.

Our team have extensive project management and contract administration experience and are ready assist clients in formulating and implementing an appropriate level of construction supervision or surveillance.